Industry Tools

Here is the list of some IT Industry Level Tools those may be required in future. No need of learning them all, select your domains and then select the tools (just having an idea is also a good move). This is better to be considered as an overview of tool categories and their respective languages.


Languages and Framework:
1. PHP (a bit older)
2. Python
3. Ruby on Rails
4. Node.js
5. Laravel
(Languages: Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, Perl, Erlang, and Node.js).

Web Server Technologies:
1. Apache (Open Source and popular)
2. NGINIX (features: reverse proxying, caching, load balancing and media streaming process).

1. MySQL (most common and open source)
2. PostgreSQL
3. MongoDB (based on NoSQL database system and technologies like ExpressJS, Angular JS and Node JS).

Local Development Environments (local test environment):
2. WampServer
3. Laragon
(1,2 are open source and can be used with Apache, php, mysql).

Collaboration Services (so that back-end and front end could stay connected):
1. Slack
2. Asana
3. Jira

Website Speed/Performance Test Tools:
1. Google Page Speed Insights
2. Full Page Load Tester

Web Development Communities:
1. Stackoverflow
2. Refind
3. Hashnode

Git Clients & Services:
1. SourceTree
2. Github Client

Microservice Platforms:
1. Docker
2. Kubernetes

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