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HR Interview Questions

Sources for commonly asked HR round interview questions with sample answers: IndiaBix link for HR Questions Javatpoint link for HR Questions Guru99 link for HR Questions (50 Ques.)

Online Assessment Tests

Following are some of the websites where you can take membership and gives tests for your recruitment:   1. AMCAT AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) is a test to evaluate the reasoning Skills, Technical Skills and Aptitude Skills of a candidate who is seeking Job in top MNC’s. Amcat is also known as employability …

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Topics for Written Test

Following are the topics from Aptitude and Reasoning which will be very important for the placement written tests. First prepare these topics then if time permits then go for other topics too. Most common Recommended book is by Dr. R.S. Aggarwal (Buy Now) and for rest you can go for online websites (Click Here). APTITUDE …

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Learn Programming Languages

These are some of the sources for you to learn different programming languages which can make you stand out of the crowd during interviews. These will also help you to give a boost to your career in the IT sector by enhancing your knowledge in programming fundamentals. COMPULSORY Basic (Master at least any one language): …

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Industry Tools

Here is the list of some IT Industry Level Tools those may be required in future. No need of learning them all, select your domains and then select the tools (just having an idea is also a good move). This is better to be considered as an overview of tool categories and their respective languages. …

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Helpful websites for preparation

Though there are so many websites for placement preparation. Here, few popular ones are listed. This list is for basic preparation, if you want an advance level preparation then it is recommended to go for more sources. IndiaBix (Aptitude Questions) GeeksforGeeks Prepinsta (Aptitude Questions) Freshers World Crack Aptitude (Company Specific) Placement Season (Most Test Series) …

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Virtual Reality (VR)

Go … Go …. Go … Roger FIRE in the hole …. Fi re in the hole!!!….Two down … TWO DOWN … one more one more … YOU LOST! While pressing the keys of your keyboard or keypad to convert the lost games to last moment victories the chances are you have encountered the virtual …

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VLSI Technology

Gone are the days when huge computers made of vacuum tubes sat humming in entire dedicated rooms and could do about 360 multiplications of 10 digit numbers in a second. Though they were heralded as the fastest computing machines of that time, they surely don’t stand a chance when compared to the modern day machines. …

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VOiP – Voice over Internet Protocol

Written words often betray emotions. What was intended is often mistaken for something drastically obtuse. Voice conversations are different, unless the emotions and expressions betray each other of course. Nevertheless, phone calls have always been the lifeline of most people from all occupations. They are much faster than any inland mail and give a real …

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The ZigBee Technology


The explosion in wireless technology has seen the emergence of many standards, especially in the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio band. There have been a multitude of proprietary protocols for control applications, which bottle necked interfacing. Need for a widely accepted standard for communication between sensors in low data rate wireless networks was felt. …

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